High performance Hi-EX/Class A foam agents

High Expansion (HI-EX) foam agents also called detergent foams or multipurpose synthetic foams are typically based upon fatty alcohols, alkyl sulphates and butyl carbitol. They expand at high ratios to quickly form voluminous foam for specific applications in fire and vapour suppression.
Performance HI-EX (High Expansion) foam concentrate can be used to produce foam with expansion ratios ranging typically between 200:1 and 1000:1 depending upon the type of generator and the operating pressure.
When used with high expansion generators, High Expansion (HI-EX) foam is capable of totally flooding large rooms and enclosures allowing it to effectively suppress horizontal and vertical (three dimensional) fires whilst using less water.
HI-EX (High Expansion) foam is often used to suppress fires in large buildings containing high value property such as aircraft hangars and distribution warehouses.
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