Protein based foam agents

Use, Discharge, and Disposal of Firefighting Foam Products (USA)
Protein Foams are agents primarily produced from naturally occurring hydrolyzed proteins. These are combined with foam stabilizers (metal salts), bactericide, corrosion inhibitors, anti-freeze additives and solvents to create the foam concentrate. A wide variety of Protein foams are available with different applications and levels of performance. More advanced Fluoroprotein foams (FP) and Film Forming Fluoro Protein foams (FFFP) also include fluorochemical additives which increase the performance of the foam by improving flame knockdown speed and fuel tolerance. Protein foams also exist with Alcohol Resistant (AR) capabilities.

These make high performance Protein Foams effective in an extensive range of industries and applications at low expansions. Performance Protein Foam agents produce a stable foam with a high heat resistance and good burn-back resistance. The fluorochemical additive in FFP (Fluoroprotein foams) increases their spreading velocity and thus flame knockdown speed for better performance. Increased fuel tolerance also means improved foam stability and greater efficiency.

The inherent characteristics of high heat and good burn-back resistance mean that Protein Foams are generally used by the petroleum and oil industry to protect large tank farms and refineries, that are involved in the production of;
  1. Crude oils
  2. Gasoline
  3. Diesel fuels
  4. Jet fuels
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