High Expansion (HI-EX) Foam

SKUM high expansion foam agents, or HI-EX foams, are highly effective fire suppression tools in open and indoor spaces. These agents typically expand at high ratios, between 200:1 and 1000:1 depending on the type of generator and operating pressure. This rapidly forms voluminous foam to suppress fires and vapours by submerging the fire and cutting off the oxygen supply.
When used with high expansion generators, HI-EX foam can completely flood large rooms and enclosures to effectively suppress three dimensional fires while reducing water usage and minimising damage. Often used to protect high value property, HI-EX foam can also effectively reduce vapour concentrations downwind from hazardous low boiling point gaseous products, such as ammonia spills. In addition, it can suppress fires involving combustible solids, such as paper and wood. HI-EX foams can be used with most conventional high expansion foam equipment. SKUM offers a wide range of concentrations, packaging capacities and approval types for a tailored approach, whatever the application.
SKUM HI-EX foam systems can be used in:
  • Warehouses
  • Engine rooms
  • Transformer buildings
  • Cable tunnels
  • Underground storage facilities
  • Basements
  • Ship holds
  • Aircraft hangars
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