Foam monitors are high capacity jets that can be used to deliver large quantities of foam accurately to the affected area in the shortest possible time and from a safe distance. A foam monitor's performance can be measured in terms of capacity and range. Monitors can typically deliver between less than 2000 lpm up to 50,000 lpm on ranges of less than 10m up to 130m. Nozzles attached to foam monitors can also be adjusted to adapt the foam agent flow from fog or wide beam to jet or straight beam to increase the flexibility to the user.
SKUM offers a broad range of foam firefighting monitors, portable and fixed, manual and remote and in varying sizes that can be tailored depending on the necessary design specification, functionality or approval. Our versatile foam monitors can be used to suppress fires in a wide variety of special hazard and high risk applications, depending on your requirements.
  • Refineries and chemical plants
  • Petrochemical, solvent LNG/LPG and other fuel storage
  • Marine ships / tankers / barges
  • Loading docks
  • Fire trucks / ARFF vehicles / crash tenders
  • Fire boats
  • Aviation
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