Special Projects

In addition to the design and manufacture of foam equipment components, SKUM can also provide customised and bespoke engineered systems to meet individual customer needs or applications for special firefighting foam projects. Special units and skids are made on demand according to your specifications. Units can be installed on a skid, into a cabinet or even in an enclosed container, complete with a heating system and roof covering. A variety of foam mixing and proportioning systems are also available, including water turbine- and electrically-driven foam pumps, atmospheric foam tanks, inline inductor and bladder tank systems.
Our technical service and engineering teams can assist you on any project for any application. From initial concept and design to commissioning and on-site implementation, our experts will be there at every stage. These tailored firefighting foam solutions also offer the highest levels of flexibility, as projects can be assembled using existing SKUM stock components, bespoke parts, third-party components or a combination of all elements to create the perfect solution.
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