Tank protection

In the event of a fire in a flammable liquid storage tank, it is vital to suppress the fire as quickly as possible to protect the contents as well as the tank structure itself. SKUM fixed foam generators apply foam to the fuel surface to create a blanket and suppress the vapours, while subsurface injection products inject foam into the bottom of the fuel tank so that it floats to the surface and suppresses the fire. A tailored solution is needed to meet each application requirement, depending on the type of fuel and whether it is a cone or fixed roof tank, tanks with open or covered floating top roofs or a horizontal tank.
SKUM provides a range of foam products and services designed to deliver effective tank fire protection, including fixed foam generators and subsurface injection products, as well as a variety of monitors and handlines for surrounding site protection. Our versatile solutions can be used with any fuel when used in combination with the correct system design and foam concentrate..
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