Trailers & Mobile Equipment

Mobile foam equipment can be used to protect many hazards, providing the correct system designs and foam concentrates are used. These flexible solutions must be tailored to suit the conditions and risks inherent to each individual site. There are a range of performance options and alternate features that can be specified, including the size of the foam tank, manifold design and nozzle types, as well as the hose and firefighting fittings specifications.
SKUM in an expert is the design and manufacture of mobile fire protection solutions. Our wide range of foam trailers is designed to deliver an effective, rapid fire suppression solution that can be bespoke fitted to meet the needs of a broad variety of applications and market needs.
Key applications include:
  • Oil storage and loading terminals
  • Paint and solvent stores
  • Boiler rooms
  • Ship engine rooms
  • Helipads
  • Oil rigs
Product Line   (Click below to view product specification sheet)
SKUM Fixed low Expansion Foam branchpipe MLB.pdf
SKUM MLRLow-Expansion Foam Branchpipe.pdf
SKUM Low Expansion Foam Sprinkler SPR-6.pdf
SKUM Med Branchpipe M2-M4.pdf
SKUM Medium Expansion Foam MRM.pdf
SKUM Medium Expansion Foam Pistol KR 03_90_FDS14323 0214 LR.pdf
SKUM Mobile Foam Generator SK140_FDS14327 0214 LR.pdf
Skum Portable Foam Inductor HLZ_FDS14335 0214 LR.pdf
SKUM Portable Foam Inductors Z2 and Z4_FDS14336 0214 LR.pdf
SKUM Foam Generation Fomax 7_FDS14312 0214 LR.pdf
SKUM Mini Fomax_FDS14326 0214 LR.pdf
SKUM monitor FJM P-PO Portable_FDS14332 0214 LR.pdf
SKUM Twister PO and P_FDS14338 0214 LR.pdf
SKUM Product Sheets_Trailers_mobile_equipment_HW.pdf
SKUM Combi Foam Branchpipe SM2-SM4.pdf