Cookie Table

Description of Cookies

Cookie Name Party/Domain Cookie Type/ Duration Category of Cookie Purpose
IsSkumCookiePolicyBannerShown Persistent/3650 days Performance Cookie This cookie is used to control the visibility of cookie acceptance banner. This cookie will be installed on the computer after the banner visibility. In two scenario the cookie will be installed ; Scenario 1: The user accepts the cookie policy by clicking the OK button ; Scenario 2: After 60 seconds, if no button is selected, the cookie automatically gets installed on the computer.
ASPSESSIONID Session/At end of session Strictly Necessary ASP uses HTTP cookies to send users their unique session keys. ASP automatically processes this cookie and uses it to restore the values saved in the Session object. The cookie that is sent by ASP as a session ID does not provide an expiration time. Cookies with no expiration specified are only valid until the browser is closed. In this way the cookie is flushed when the user exits the browser.