Protein Foam Concentrates

Protein-based firefighting foam concentrates are produced from naturally-occurring hydrolyzed proteins combined with foam stabilizers, bactericides, corrosion inhibitors, and other additives to deliver high heat stability and good burnback resistance. These aspirated foams are effective in suppressing fires in a wide range of industries and applications.

Fluoroprotein foams (FP) incorporate fluorochemical additives in protein-based foam formulations to enhance firefighting performance with improved flame knockdown, fuel tolerance and vapour suppression on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires, such as gasoline and benzene. Fluoroprotein foams with Alcohol Resistance (FPAR) have the additional capability of fighting Class B polar solvent fuel fires, such as ketones and alcohols.

The inherent high heat and burnback resistant properties of SKUM protein and fluoroprotein foams, combined with a wide spectrum of 3rd party approvals and listings, make these concentrates well-suited for fire suppression in a variety of fixed, semi-fixed, and emergency response applications. Typical uses include on-board marine systems, oil and gas tank farms, refineries, transfer stations, and storage facilities.

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