Bladder Tanks

SKUM bladder tanks are pressure-rated vessels with an internal elastomeric bladder for foam concentrate storage. Upon actuation, the integrated system applies water pressure to the bladder pushing concentrate to the proportioner. The balanced-pressure proportioning system meters the concentrate into the firefighting water line to generate the required foam solution. The solution then flows to the discharge devices protecting the hazard area. Bladder tanks require no external power supply, involve very little maintenance, and are generally more economical than pump proportioning systems.

New & Improved Design
The latest line of high-quality SKUM bladder tanks has been designed with a focus on configurability, field usability, and accelerated lead times. SKUM bladder tanks are available with a wide range of standard configurable options, including:

  • Trim Piping Material
  • Standard and Corrosion-Resistant Paints
  • Alternate Paint Colours
  • Sight Gauges
  • Thermal Pressure Relief Valves

SKUM bladder tanks are available pre-piped in horizontal and vertical configurations. The tank system includes a variety of features that make installation, service and maintenance efficient and convenient.

A few key features/benefits:

  • Open Leg Design - Easy access to the bottom of the tank
  • New Shell Drain System - Faster refill after commission testing
  • Standard Grooved Coupling Connections - Easy integration with water piping
  • Reversible Water Inlet - Pipe from either side of a vertical tank
  • Master Shutoff Valve - Use, install, or replace the sight gauge with minimal effort or spillage
  • Valve Nameplates with Ring Pins and Tamper Seals – Eliminate confusion over valve identification and position.

Take a tour of the new features, highlighted below on our Horizontal & Vertical Bladder Tanks

Typical areas of fire suppression application for SKUM bladder tanks include:

  • Mechanical rooms
  • Industrial blending, coating and processing areas
  • Truck loading racks
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Helipads