SKUM monitors offer a wide range of foam firefighting solutions with portable or fixed and manual or remote controlled options. These high-capacity monitors deliver large, targeted volumes of foam for fire suppression from a distance. SKUM monitors are available in various sizes and configurations to meet the design specification, functionality and certification requirements of a given application.

The SKUM product range of monitors can deliver up to 20,000 litres per minute from distances as far as 120 metres, with a sufficient water supply. The monitor nozzles provide additional firefighting flexibility with adjustment of foam concentrate flow from fog/wide beam to jet/straight beam.

SKUM monitors are deployed in a wide range of special hazard and high risk applications, including:

  • Refineries, petrochemical, solvent LNG/LPG and other fuel storage facilities
  • Chemical plants
  • Marine operations on ships, tankers, barges, jetties
  • Loading docks
  • Fire trucks / ARFF vehicles / crash tenders