Proportioning equipment is an essential component of foam firefighting systems that provides a calibrated ratio of foam concentrate to water. The SKUM portfolio includes proportioners, inductors, and pumps, as well as foam concentrate bladder and atmospheric tanks.

Calibrated SKUM proportioning equipment offers solutions to meet a wide array of application, specification and certification requirements. The various proportioning systems offer different features and benefits:

  • Cost-effective inline inductors provide easy installation, maintenance, and flexible application on most foam storage tanks.
  • Self-inducing nozzles provide easy installation, use and maintenance.
  • Around-the-pump inductors compensate for variable solution flow by adjusting the pick-up rate into the proportioner, delivering a consistent foam mixture.
  • Balanced pressure proportioners maintain consistent foam/water ratio with varying flows and pressures. These proportioners are easy to install and operate with minimal pressure drop.
  • Bladder tanks can be used with most foam concentrates. These systems contain few moving parts, provide variable flow capability and minimize operational pressure drop.

Typical applications for SKUM foam proportioning systems include a wide range of special hazard and high risk fire suppression installations:

  • Truck loading racks
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Dip tanks
  • Pump rooms
  • Helipads